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how could you not?


(X) I think this is the first time i drew Hol

Hol Horse x Dio Brando


It was on my dash tonight so I drew it.


It was on my dash tonight so I drew it.



"We need you to draw Naruto for the Naruto 10th Anniversary."

Hirohiko Araki: Aight


Hirohiko Araki: Okay so far so good… Just gotta make sure I don’t–


Hirohiko Araki: Fuck it lmao



Fist of the North Star fan art by Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure creator, Hirohiko Araki


Fist of the North Star fan art by Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure creator, Hirohiko Araki


Evangelion exhibit, Tokyo Japan. Source:  http://www.asahi.com/event/evangelion/

Do you ever feel sometimes that fans of a series (*coughs*Kill la Kill*coughs*) care and speculate more about (often non-existent) shippings rather than the actual themes and characters of a show? Can you come up with a reason for this?






Yes. Yeeeeeeeeees. Yes. The answer to this is yes copied-and-pasted a thousand times.

The reason for this is probably twofold.

A) People obsessed with shipping are sexually frustrated. A large portion of them are in their teens and early twenties, and hey, they like anime and video games and stuff: they’re probably not social butterflies. They may not be getting that itch scratched, (“single player” only accomplishes so much,) and here’s this entire community based around parading their favorite characters’ sexualities as “media criticism” whether it matters or not. Talking about fictional characters’ naughty bits makes them feel smart and adult and turns them on all at the same time! Win-win!

B) People obsessed with shipping have found a place to belong in the above, established group of people obsessed with shipping. They have friends who talk about shipping all day, so they talk about shipping all day, and they belong! This forms a large portion of pretty much every fandom, it’s a universal sort of thing.

But as much as it’s bound to piss off the ~shipping community~ or whatever, I think we can all agree that you’d care less about the frankly boring conceit of which fictional character is mashing their privates against those of another fictional character if you were actualizing that fascination against some actual privates and releasing that tension.

It’d be funny if it didn’t get in the way of actual media discussion so damn hard. And sometimes even media *creation!* It absolutely ruined Avatar: The Last Airbender. Killed it. The romance in that show near the end is garbage, and 90% of Korra’s content on the whole is garbage, largely because of the creators feeding on their community’s obsession with shipping. Not speculation on my part, this is stuff they actually said in the interviews on the special features of Avatar. And that sucks.

Whoa there. Hold the phone. First off I was shipping last night WHILE GETTING LAID. So while I am in my very late 20’s, the other half of last nights fun is in their 30’s and enjoying all of last nights activities with me. 

You know the (arguably) first ship was Kirk/Spock (Its so big I even studied it in a media class in college. It might not have been the ‘first’ but it was the first main stream). So that means there are a hell of a lot of shippers out there from the last 60’s which means, their probably your parents age, shipping longer then you’ve been alive (ok I don’t know your age, but from your post i’d gather your in the same age group that you call out).

I think your missing a lot of points and I want to bring them to you attention. First off I am not alone on the shipping and being married. Its not hard to find people in the community of shippers who are married, in a very committed (and happy sexually) relationship. I could tag (at least) 4 friends on here (not including my own) who fall into this category. Yes I have some friends who are not in a relationship but that, in no way means they are sexually frustrated.

what about the asexual shippers out there? yes they are out there, and again not hard to find. I can point out at least 3 of them. They like shipping, its great, but that does not mean its about sex.

Shipping is about the relationSHIP not just sex. Some people go over the top with the sex, yes. But most of shipping is thinking about how they would react to things together. they house they will buy, what kind of decor they want. Who wakes up first and makes breakfast? who’s the good cook? Would they have kids? their own or adopt? 

No shippers don’t care more about the sex (most of the time) ok yes the crack pairings is sometimes about hot sex, I cannot deny that but that’s to them. that’s why its crack, it has no rhyme or reason. 

I think shippers would have a better grasp on things actually. they read between the lines, look at the subtext. you have shows like Teen Wolf where two people -WOULD- be together if one of the producers did say in a few interviews that it would ‘kill the show because it always does when couples finally get together’. There is something about reading into looks that one gives another, body language all of those cues that are non verbal. 

I think you need to get out there and learn more about how different and many shippers are actually in the world.

I think pretty much all my friends who enjoy a shipping aspect of media entertainment are married, in a committed relationship or are otherwise sexually active - and all content in their sex lives XD

Fandoms and shipping are about interactive escapism - everyone watches TV or movies, or read books, to shut out the world for a little while, to relax and unwind and let it all go for an hour or two. Some people are content to let someone else take the wheel and mould the experience, and others are far happier taking the building blocks and creating something with it themselves.

One is no more legitimate than the other, or indicative of any type of lack in their life. They do it because they enjoy it.

I mean, I’ve never heard someone say that people who engage in contact sports do it because they need to inflict physical violence, or that people who paint from their imagination do it because they have a narcissistic god complex. Why? Because it’s ridiculous!

People do the things they enjoy because they enjoy it - it’s as simple as that. Trying to project “they’re all lonely people who need to get laid” onto it says far more about you than anything else.

… There’s also the fact some people (read: myself for example) shipped way before they even knew what shipping was. While they were VERY young children, with no way of knowing what sex even WAS.

I can assure you, 4/6 year old lil me was not so much thinking about all the above as she was thinking about how cute those two characters were acting, or how funny and how much I loved them when they were on scene together, etc.

So no. This is bullshit. Absolute bullshit. I do enjoy some of the the more lascivious fics, but 90% of the time, I’m way more happy with a VERY long fic where you have nothing at all but actual development, awkwardness, fluff, etc, until the very last chapter. I find that fics that ‘get to it’ early on make me lose complete interest in them.

I like the journey. Getting from point A to point B, and how many different ways there are. The reactions, feelings, what the fuck are they thinking, etc.

It really makes me frown when people look down on shipping. It’s like everything; if you take it overboard, it’s bad, but in moderate doses, it’s perfectly fine.

You’ll find that if you eat too much chocolate, it’ll make you sick, but in moderate doses, it’s fine. Same with every little other pleasure in life.

Moderation is key. And don’t try to shove your own pleasures, ideas and notions down others’ throats; then you’ll be fine.


literally this is the extent of what you’re talking about. You want to puff it up into this big intellectually and emotionally complex thing but it really is just getting super excited that two characters in a TV show you like might ~secretly want to kiss~

Just call it like it is, holy shit. Also you aren’t “creating” anything, saying “I read Harry Potter and wrote a story about how Harry and Draco ~secretly want to kiss~ I’m using building blocks to create my own thing I’m a creator!” is some Ralph Wiggum shit. Enjoy what you want to enjoy, nobody gives a shit - turning it into this “I’M A CREATIVE GENIUS FOR WRITING SLASHFIC” shit is why people make fun of you and the entire fanfiction community.



That awkward moment when Diablo shows up to your religious protest

This reminds me of an old story I heard from a friend. One year, an anime con was being held the same weekend as a Bible Conference. This dude in an Ifrit costume, stilts and all, gets into the elevator, all hunched over, on his way down to the lobby. Before he could reach the lobby, the elevator stopped on another floor. Two old ladies clutching bibles were about to step on when they see this giant red demon-creature.

And in his deepest voice he says, “Going down?”

They shrieked and ran off to find another elevator.


龙龙抱枕 | 湍 

Diego,  man service


龙龙抱枕 |  

Diego, man service